Savoyard patois derived from the Arpitan (Franco-Provençal) has no written form, it was a spoken language which varied from town to town, from valley to valley.

In the sixteenth century the administrative acts began to be written in French, and the school became compulsory and with it the use of French. So despite the fact that people continued to speak patois between them, there remains today a few picturesque expressions and phrases of speak of Savoy.

The term « Jorasse » comes from the Savoyard dialect « Joraz » itself derived from the word « Joux » which means « mountain forests ».

Nestled in the heart of large spruce forests, the resort of Les Saisies is a place rich in tradition and proud of his Savoyard roots.

The Chalets Jorasse residence is respectful of the cultural heritage of the resort and offers you authenticity and a charming blend of Savoyard architecture and the comfort of a modern habitat.

Appartements les Saisies
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